I’ve always believed love conquers all and l like the feeling that love gives. The adrenaline pumping through my veins whenever I’m in love gives me pleasure and I’m ever so romantic. I still believe in fairy tale and a lasting relationship. Yes! I’ve loved and lost. Had my heart broken but never gave up on love. Well, I’ve come to realise that love is never enough.

If love was in enough, people will not leave each other or get divorced at the drop of a hat. If love was truly enough, there wouldn’t have been sibling rivalry and so many broken friendships and relationships. Everybody hinges the foundation of all relationships on love. That l agree but what carries a friendship or a relationship through is not only love. There are more to every relationship than love.

Sometimes we go to bed with our dreams and wake up to reality. We go to bed with love and wake up with a character. A character that we can either tolerate or not. No matter how much we love a person, if he or she has a bad vibe, it will discourage us and push us away. Love can make us tarry for a while but we always eventually fall out of love unless there is understanding and tolerance.

For example, I’ve seen people fall in love with drug addicts but when they can not tolerate their excesses they walk away with heart still full of love for the addict. Why many stay on in relationships, is because they have the ability to understand and tolerate the one they love or are obsessed with their subject of love.

A person that loves a drug addict and can understand his or her predicament with empathy will stay on.

People do fall out of love because they can not understand or tolerate their partners, otherwise they wouldn’t. I totally believe for a relationship to work or last, you need more than love.

You need pure understanding, tolerance and forgiveness. Some people might say they know this already, but have you thought about applying it or balancing your relationship with it.

Relationships are like mixed vegetable salad. Such salad needs three or more different types of vegetables mixed together before it becomes a mixed vegetable salad. So are all kinds of relationships, we need more than one ingredient to make it work.

Many people still believe all that is needed is love. At the end of the day, they are disappointed. There are people who don’t get along with their siblings, simply because they can not understand nor tolerate them. That doesn’t make their love for them any less. What this clearly shows, is that love is not enough.

Whoever you fall in love with, know that love alone cannot sustain your relationship. The main ingredients to a successful relationship is love, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness. Even when love fades, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness can rekindle it.

There is no handbook that will tell you what to expect in your relationship. Nothing is written in black and white. You just have to be understanding and tolerant of the one you love. Believe it, love is not enough.

5 thoughts on “LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH

  1. Jing Sebastian

    Hmmm…Thus, the kind of love Jesus has for us…
    “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” – John 13:34

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  2. The main ingredients to a successful relationship is love, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness. Even when love fades, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness can rekindle it.

    such beautiful lines… so much meaning and depth.. Love your articles.

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