Things happens in life that we have no control over and it sometimes redirects our lives or leaves us in agony. How do we rise above such devastating pain? I have had reasons to recently counsel someone on this topic and I thought we should all learn from it.

A man in his middle age had a terrible accident that left him impotent and his wife was shattered due to the fact that, they could no longer have physical sex. She told me in confidence and permitted me to share her story with my dear readers. She said, she won’t be able to stay with a man that could no longer make love to her. She was either going to cheat or walk away completely.

Painful as it is, this is where wisdom and maturity comes in. First! Would any woman want to stay with a man that cannot jiggle her honeypot? No woman will answer in the affirmative. No woman wants to stay with a man who has no functional manhood but there is a way around this issue that can still keep two loving people together.

The choices we make in life mostly determines our happiness and I wouldn’t advice anyone to do what is contrary to his or her happiness. Nevertheless, there is what we call conscience and empathy which many don’t have.

A man who has been married to a woman for so long with children, suddenly becomes impotent and her first thought was to either jump ship or cheat on him. Her decision to abandon her marriage for what is not her husband’s fault, left me quite unsettled.

I do not totally blame her for wanting to leave him but looking at it from my own view, l won’t leave a good man who treats me well because he suddenly becomes impotent. This is what life dumped on his lap and he has no choice.

Marriage is for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. This is where our wedding vows comes to play. By the way, how many of us takes our wedding vows seriously? Many don’t and we are all guilty of this fact.

An impotent man can still find a means of sexually pleasing his spouse. With the encouragement of a loving partner, he can use his hands to please her and he can also use a vibrator as well. That may not be a total sexual fulfillment for a woman but it is better than nothing or abandoning your marriage for lack of sex or cheating with other men. If you still want children, try artificial insemination.

I’ve heard of a few impotent men deceiving women into marrying them without letting them know of their predicament until after marriage. That is pure deceit, which is clearly different from a man who suddenly becomes impotent during the course of an on going marriage.

Let us put ourselves in our partner’s shoes, would you want to be abandoned when faced with challenges? I’m sure our answer will be no. When life comes with challenges we have no power to change, we have to learn to live with it. Find palliative solutions that can carry us through life and stay strong.

We don’t need to walk away from a man who genuinely loves and cares about us because he is suddenly impotent. Meet him in the middle and work something out for each other’s happiness. Keep your faith up and never give up on him because as the scripture says, dead bones shall rise again.

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