Having sex has always been an important part of any intimate relationship. Doctors and scientists have also confirmed the importance of sex on our health. It is imperative for us to know the benefits of sex to our health so that we can be proactive about our sexuality.

Sex is good and we all know this, especially in a beautiful committed relationship. It helps to relieve stress and it stimulates the happy hormone called serotonin, which in turn makes us happy.

Health professionals are clamouring for people to be sexually active to help beat the stressful life most of us live and to help improve our health.

Many of us have sex for pleasure just to ease off ourselves, without putting our mind into it. Some see sex as a hobby or as a past time and can sleep with anything or anyone. To me, you can only derive an instant pleasure in such an encounter not the total benefit of a deep emotional sex that involves your body, mind and soul.

To derive the maximum benefits of sex, you must be in a happy relationship not a toxic relationship. Not a one night stand or a wam bam thank you sex affair. Not even masturbation can give you 100% satisfaction.

These types of quickie sex can be compared to eating snacks when there is a good and a healthy meal. Snacking with sex can not give you the desired result. We all need the main dish to bring us to complete crescendo not only orgasm.

Crescendo is the gradual increase in the volume of a song and figuratively, that is how our body gradually shivers in heightened delight beyond that moment of orgasm. Climaxing into a rhythmic feeling of pure ecstasy.

At this point of passion, you have no worry in the world. All nerves, body parts and muscles are relaxed. When you have such a regular sexual intercourse, you’re bound to reap the full benefits of sex and more.

The underlisted are the health benefits of sex :
(1) It helps to relax the brain and the muscles
(2) Helps to improve sleep
(3) Lowers blood pressure.
(4) Improves men prostrate health.
(5) Lessen pains, from arthritis and osteoporosis etc
(6) It helps to balance our hormone both testosterone in men and estrogen in women.
(7) Boost our immune system by invigorating our body.
(8) Improves our Libido especially during menopause by adding moist to an otherwise dried vagina.
(9) It’s a good workout for women’s bladder, thereby helping with bladder control.
(10) Eases stress and tension.
(11) Promotes Longevity.

These are good enough reasons to engage in regular sex, so as to enjoy all the above listed benefits. I know many people will be happy with this but that is not a license to be promiscuous or to throw caution to the wind and not practice safe sex.

I am not trying to burst anyone’s bubbles but as good as sex is, there are dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

We should also becareful not to get addicted to sex because there is a downsize to that as well. As we are digging deep, making love and deriving pleasure, let us aim for it’s benefits.

Enjoy sex at least two to three times a week and reap all its health benefits.


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