I’ve always wondered how best to end an unwanted relationship. So how did you end yours? Was it one on one, through text messages or via the social media? Was it through a common friend or the silent treatment?

It is not every unwanted relationship that can end amicably. Where the people involved will mutually agree to go their separate ways without rancour. The truth is, not too many people can handle a breakup. Most are devastated and wish to seek revenge. While few will walk away unscathed, especially when they’ve seen it coming.

Whichever way you choose to end your unwanted relationship, it’s up to you but l think it is best to analyse the personality we are involved with before taking that bold step. If you are involved with someone who is temperamental, irrational, vindictive and violent. I suggest you use the silent treatment.

Where you will be quiet, cold and less receptive. The person will get tired of your attitude and walk away by him/herself. Thereby saving you an unpleasant experience, otherwise you maybe lynched like the one in the picture below or worse.


If you wish to be less dramatic, then your partner must be a reasonable person. Who can reason with you and not become a nuisance. Both of you can talk one on one and resolve to go your separate ways.

Breaking up with people that are good to us require patience because we will not want to intentionally hurt their feelings. We have to let them down gently and that is what l call a soft landing. You can remain friends with them and gently ease them off. Ironically such relationship can be rekindled in future and no damage would have been done because of the soft landing.

It is rather crude to end a relationship via the social media or through a text message. Phone calls are not any better but still manageable. You could at least give him or her the last respect by calling to tell them or explain why you choose to end it.

I’ve noticed many people prefer to use the silent treatment but it doesn’t work for all relationships. Analyse your partner, be considerate with their feelings before you walk away.

Do what is right, not what is easy. You maybe the one someone will dump next, so treat others nicely because what goes around will surely come around.


  1. inquisitive jude

    That’s wisdom! But I like to take it further into a marriage relationship. When I got divorced 3 yrs ago after 2 yrs of separation, we couldn’t see eye to eye to talk things over so we used the phone and that was it. In Nigeria anything is possible especially when there wasn’t a civil (registry marriage).

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  2. If you consider international dating, you do not have to worry about being with someone you do not like or love.

    Honesty is very important. It keeps you from making a bad decision (e.g. lying) and entering a bad relationship. It leads you to happiness with the right partner or spouse.

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