I’ve met people who are so full of pride, they find it difficult to apologize even when they are clearly wrong. When in love or in a relationship, you have to humble yourself and learn to say “I’m sorry” no matter who you are. Many people use pride to create an icy wall between them and their partner.

Relationships are not meant to be a competition between partners. It’s not a forum to fluant your wealth, college degrees, your position in society or your looks. Before you agree to date or marry a person you must have been ready to come to the level of whoever you chose to be with.

A female lawyer can’t date a bar tender and feel she is the superior partner. Not even a president of a country is allowed to treat his or her spouse as one of his/ her subject. In a romantic partnership, you’re the same. Equal!

I’ve seen people go into relationships with a huge ego, both male and female. Some believe they are doing their partner a favour by dating or marrying them.

Some ladies or men from wealthy families who marry a lower class partner always have attitude issues. The women wants to be treated like royalty and be seen as the superior partner. While the men enjoy their ego been rubbed by their partners.

They also want their wives to be at their beck and call. Commanding and controlling them like a personal property with numerous concubines here and there.

No one can expect a relationship to work if you’re going into it, with a mindset that you’re either superior or inferior to your partner. That is a clear recipe for failure.

The day you agree to an intimate relationship with a person, that is the day you cross the line of class, caste, superiority or inferiority. And the day you feel you’re better than your partner, that is when regret sets in. Then the love and passion in you starts to diminish.

In the case of men who feel inferior to their partners, they are mostly verbally abusive. They talk down on their partner to make them feel like a lesser human being to them. Nothing their wives or partners does to such men that impresses them. Even when some women are totally humble and submissive they still get verbally and sometimes physically abused.

Well! before we get into any form of relationship whether marriage or otherwise, lets keep our ego in check. Work on your inferiority or superiority complex. Keep your degrees or wealth in your pocket.

Throw your pride out of the window and humble yourself. Have mutual love and respect for each other. See love as a biding force not wealth or class and that will be a good starting point.

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