A friend once told me she is too ashamed to get naked in front of her partner because she has drooping breast. Must every woman’s boobs stand at attention. There are so many women with natural hanging boobs. Some are pear shaped while some are guava shaped. So what if you have a drooping (hanging) breast?

So many women are ashamed of their body and they find it difficult to let their partner see them naked. As we grow older, have children and experience hormonal changes in our body, we should expect our body to change. So why should we be ashamed of natural events in our lives.

Some women prefer to make love in the dark because they don’t want their partner to see the blemishes on their body, while some like to hide under the bed cover. All to avoid their body been seen. Some go the extra mile to do plastic surgery just to conceal their age marks or scar.

I see this as a low self esteem. Love and relationship should be beyond body parts. It should be about the beauty within not only the physical. What do you think will happen to a breast that has fed three kids, even one kid. It can never be the same again. What about the body that has gone through pregnancy. Aside motherhood, the stress of living takes its toll on our body, both young and old. No one has a perfect body married or single. So what is the shame about a few bumps and scars here and there?

Men also have blemishes, but they don’t hide them as much as women. Some men are proud of their beer belly or the size of their sugar stick. They are always the first to undress for sexual activities or around the house fearing no consequences of their body scar or the size of their manhood (aka sugar stick)

To me, we should embrace our body. Love it however it is, as long as we don’t sit around becoming obese for health reasons. Men should also learn to give their spouse or partners compliments. Even though she has drooping breast, tell her she looks beautiful. Love her with her stretch marks and scars. Women too should accept their men’s body they way it is. Let us look beyond body parts and love the person inside that body.

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