How frequent should couples get intimate in a relationship. How many times should they have sex? Daily, once weekly, twice a week, once a month or as the mood dictates. The number of times for sex between couples should be determined by them and the type of relationship they have.

Sex is a beautiful thing between two consenting adults. My take on this issue is for couples to have sex whenever they like, maybe as the mood dictates, especially married couples. Sex can not be quantified, so give it to each other as many times as possible.

There should not be a time table for sex. A friend once told me and l quote ‘Give your spouse enough sex and he or she will always be happy with you” That may be laughable to some people, but l feel she is right.

Sex does bring couples closer and it strengthens marriages, but when is sex enough. What do you think readers ? Let me know your take on this topic. How much sex is enough sex? xoxo